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Personal Training

What to expect...

PT Programme

My professional personal training service will help you set a long-term routine and achieve your fitness goals whatever they may be. I offer; one-one (1:1) classes, one-to-two (1:2) classes, group, mobile PT, face-to-face and online. I aim to help you to transform your body in and intelligent way. I coach everyone from beginners to advanced students as well as professional dancers.


My programs combine nutritional advice with different types and variety of exercise, such as weight loss and increase in muscle. My approach is focused around achieving my client goals in a way that is both creative and fun for everyone, improving both your physical and mental health.

Fitness Equipment
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  • 1:1 PT session

  • 1:2 PT session

  • Small group class: share the fun and cost 

  • Book a single session or buy 10 classes in advance and get a discount (select 'price plan' at checkout).

Select 'Personal Training' on the bookings page

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