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Kids Saturday Clubs

What to expect...

Saturday Dance Clubs

Dance Classes Running from the Autumn School Term until Summer School Term

  • Duration: from September 21, 2024, to December 14, 2024 (11 classes) NO CLASSES on Half Term ( 26/10 and 2/11 ) 

  • Location: Ackroydon Community Hall, Southfields, SW19 6QL

  • Various dance styles and age groups

  • Special Event on 26 October (Half Term) booked separately

  • Parents/Careers Watching Week, 7 December

Trials Available upon request.

Join us for a dynamic dance experience this autumn!


Mini Movers Ballet (3 to 5 years)

Mini Movers ballet classes benefit children's strength, creativity, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

These fun classes introduce basic ballet concepts, music, and movement.

They promote proper alignment and posture, which supports lifelong health, and challenge endurance and stamina.

By keeping children active, Mini Movers classes teach basic ballet using games, props, and a variety of songs.

Our creative and nurturing environment helps children explore ballet while learning teamwork and sharing a passion with others.

The classes also enhance expression through different types of music.

Ballet (6 to 10 years)

In these classes, students will learn classical ballet techniques, dance terminology, and formations.

They will develop poise, grace, and strength while challenging their bodies and minds.

Our playful learning style includes engaging and challenging exercises.

Each week, we create and add to a choreography, helping to train children's memory as well.

kids-dance-school-ballet-hiphop-street-funky-modern-dancers (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Commercial/Street Dance (6 to 10 years)

Commercial/Street dance class introduce children to a variety of styles, including modern, jazz, neoclassic, and hip-hop, along with elements of breaking, popping, locking, and house.

This dance style, often featured in pop music videos, TV shows, and movies, is designed to be performed in front of an audience.

Our classes include freestyle, offering a fantastic opportunity for your child to build confidence, creativity, and new skills. Weekly choreographies help improve stamina, coordination, musicality, memory, focus, and teamwork.

Commercial dancers must perform with energy and precision while making routines look effortless.

Commercial/Street Dance (10 years +)

Commercial/Street Dance 2 is an advanced class covering a variety of styles, including modern, jazz, neoclassic, and hip-hop, along with breaking, popping, locking, and house.

The choreography is typical of pop music videos, TV shows, and movies, and includes guided freestyle sessions.

Students will build confidence, learn to use stage space, explore creativity, and continually improve new skills.

The class helps enhance stamina, coordination, flexibility, musicality, memory, focus, and teamwork.

Students will also learn partnering, lifting, formations, and participate in dance battles.

Each week, new movements are added to the routine choreography.

Dancers must perform with energy and precision, making the routine look effortless.

Modern Ballet Dancers

Contemporary Dance (9 years +)

Children aged 9 and above, or younger children with strong ballet or lyrical/contemporary experience, can join our contemporary dance classes.

Contemporary dance combines ballet's controlled legwork with modern dance elements, focusing on body contract and release, unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction, as well as floor work, fall and recovery, and contact improvisation.

Classes will explore the four elements of dance: body, action, space, time, and energy.

Students will learn to communicate and express through choreography, using improvisation techniques and various contemporary dance methods like Cunningham, Limon, Graham, and Release.

The goal is to tell stories through movement.

Benefits of the contemporary dance class include improved flexibility, enhanced core strength, elevated coordination, boosted cardiovascular health, encouraged emotional expression, increased confidence, and supported cognitive function.

Pricing (Per Term)

  • Mini Movers Ballet ( 3 to 5 years) 

£89 per term

  • Ballet (6 to 10 years)

£100 per term

  • Commercial/Street Dance 1 (6 to 10 years)

£100 per term

  • Commercial/Street Dance 2 (10+ years)

£125 per term

  • Contemporary Dance (9+ years)

£125 per term

Speacial Price for multi class:

  • Multi Class Ballet & Commercial/Street Dance (6 to 10 years) 

£180 per term

  • Multi Class Commercial/Street Dance & Contemporary ( 10+ years)

£225 per term

Registration Fee – £20 per new students

Uniform Fees Apply - Refer to Uniform Policy

Sibling Discount – 10% Off Term Bill

Will open link to register form.


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