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Online Fitness

What to expect...

Online Fitness Programme

I offer mini group fitness classes in the client’s own home or office location. These are general fitness classes that let you share the fun and cost with your friends in a healthy way. I also offer online ZOOM classes. 

If you don't have time to join one of the live Zoom classes, you can download one of my fitness programme cards. Follow my training plan in your own time without supervision at home or in the gym with teaching points, tutorials and nutritional advice. The programmes can be general or tailored to meet your own goals. 

I also offer these programmes as a gift card - why not offer the gift of fitness to your loved ones?  Email me for more info.

Running Gear


  • Private zoom class 1:1  

  • General programs you can download to do in the gym choose from: weight loss, core exercise, full body workout

  • Personalised programs to download and view in the gym or at home. Please contact for more info.

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